The Last Concorde

Piano based melodic rock

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Album: Come Back Tomorrow

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Candlelight flickers across the dark walls of a room in the house where The Last Concorde was born.

Inside, alone, lead vocalist and songwriter Damian DiFlorio conjures new songs from the solitary flame

like a science experiment. At only nineteen years old, DiFlorio presents a unique display of earnest rock.

It is bold and meek, aggressive and yet fragile.


His contemplative reflections on questions about art, science, and the music that he has been pouring

himself into since he was 14 years old are indicative of his discipline for learning, growing, and

unearthing those mysteries that can only be delivered through melody. Initially drawing inspiration from

Relient K, his debut EP ‘Come Back Tomorrow’ finds him mulling over the sounds of Alkaline Trio and



Under the guidance of mentor and producer Conrad Tolosa (Ghoti Hook), DiFlorio has strengthened a

singing voice he unashamedly proclaims once “sucked” and developed a literary voice of his own. He is

motivated by the love of his art and treats the act of writing and performing those songs as a divine



While driven and inspired by his Christianity, he allows himself to experience this life with a broad range

of emotions and sees even the most mundane experiences as religious opportunities to touch the

divine. “The science behind [music] is beautiful,” he says in our short conversation as he searches to find

words to properly frame his artistic expression. “I want [people] to listen to this music because they

want to and because it glorifies God.”


Here is the lay-mystic’s working definition of art on display in the sapling imagination of a Creator in

bloom. No agenda, no unchecked lust for fortune and fame; this is the story of a young artist finding a

blurry vision of himself staring back from the mirror of life. These are the opening pages of a book about

a young man in a search for the Unseen Hand that strokes the strings of our existence.

Come Back Tomorrow opens in a sea of harmonies interrupted by DiFlorio’s percussive piano and

swimming voice that lead the song like a carnival through the busy streets of a third world countries

market district. His Relient K influence is on full display in the writing of ‘My Perspective’ where he

laments, “I just need some time to be my own friend.”


Whether contemplating the polarization of science and religion or whispering potential band-names

quietly to himself in a British accent, DiFlorio is both lighthearted and compelling. Firmly rooted in a

deeply devoted support system and inspired to connect with people through this universal medium,

DiFlorio is poised to inspire and motivate people of all ages.


“We’re so small. We’re so small. We’re so small.” He repeats for emphasis. “Whatever gives you the

chills, the feels, puts a smile on your face, or simply makes you laugh. Go and do it and whatever you do,

occupy yourself so that you never lose your wonder.”

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